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Leitfaden Barrierfreies Bauen - Aktuelle Version (4. Auflage Dezember 2016, Nachdruck)

Guideline: Accessibility in Building Design (January 2015 )

Autonomous living - this aim entails specific requirements for the built environment. The Government has committed itself to consistent accessibility in all its construction projects. Accessibility means building without barriers for anyone, including people with motor, visual, auditory, and cognitive impairments. Accessible buildings need to be easy to find, provide barrier-free access, and above all, they need to be easy to use. This applies both to new buildings and to existing ones, including their access routes and outdoor facilities.

This Guideline is intended to serve as a manual for the work of the federal building authorities, developers, planners, and users of other public buildings and workplaces, in other words, for everyone intending to build without barriers. It illustrates what specifically needs to be taken into account in terms of accessibility in building design. By explaining areas of action in detail and describing a reference project, the Guideline shows what integrated planning means and exactly what individual and practicable solutions can look like.

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